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Making pictures from stage performances is boosting my creativity. I am looking forward to new challenges in Available light photography, music, theater, dance etc.
contact me for a photo shooting at the address below. Fee is based on expenses and time

How it started

I was born in 1964 near Amsterdam. When I was 10 I had my first camera, photography never let me go again. Already in primary school we had a teacher that showed us the basics of Photography. The enlarger was a Slide projector that was pointing at the wall. We mounted the negatives in a slides, projected them on the wall and measured exposure time by making exposure traps. Develop, pick the right one and make a full paper exposure. During my studies in Wageningen, I enjoyed music and theater photography with the famous Kodak TMAX3200. Trying to capture the soul on Stage. Photography is also a way to observe nature and gives you time to relax, think and to be distracted. After moving to Switzerland mountains and landscapes followed by again performances, musicals and stage music. Since 2 years I let creativity rule when making pictures and also movies

Post-processing Pictures

Now you think this is history, but currently I am still developing my pictures (Digital instead of Chemical). When raw formats came, the darkroom returned. Many programs offer options for processing Raw files but only a few are made for Photographers.
Currently I am using Adobe Lightroom and sometimes RawTherapee. Up to version 2.4 RawTherapee was buggy, but version 3.0 on Linux and 4.02 on Windows 7 they really gave the market a serious alternative for camera raw.


Available light Photography is a kind of purism, you do not interact with the light ambiance while shooting. for this you need a high sensitive camera like a Canon 5D or 5Dmk2 or 3. The purchase of top lenses like 135mm F2.0 L, 50mm F1.4 pushed me again to look for limits. I use some of my old Lenses (Olympus) with adapter for macro photography. My camera has a M(Manual). This is the most common used letter on my camera. Light meters are for dummies :).
My gear: Canon 5Dmk2 (still waiting for the EOS M2), 16-35mm 2.8 L, 24-105mm 4.0 L, 50mm 1.4, sigma 105mm 2.8 macro, 70-200mm 2.8 L, 135mm 2.0 L, Lensbaby composer pro with 50mm and 80mm Tripod: RedGed RTC428, Manfrotto heads, canon speedlite 380, Olympus t32, Studio light setup, reprosetup, led lights and loads of other toys and gadgets to make things work
My wishlist: Clikelite contrejour 40, speedlite 580 II